Monday, November 17, 2008

A Fever-- Hurray?!?

Weird title, huh? Poor little MM has had a stomach bug for the last two days. She finally got better this afternoon. She ran a pretty high fever with it. Whenever she runs a high fever, she gets really engaged. So, although I hate the puking & she wants to sleep a lot, she is also HERE. She speaks so clearly & not just at you. We had several good conversations this morning, even if it did involve discussing how she threw up all over my pants yesterday. I enjoy these glimpses of her when they happen. I could tell when her fever broke cause she started repeating about her new book bag this afternoon. It was kinda fun while it lasted.

I am also a little concerned about one of the times she threw up. She doesn't really know what to do when she does vomit. She just lets it fly wherever she is & you have to lean her over. I am a little worried she might have aspirated, especially since I had to fish a spaghetti noodle out of her nose! (On that gross note, I will bring this post to a close)


Nelba said...

Really hope all is well with MM and praying for you..

Ellen said...

I don't know much about aspiration, but if she did perhaps you would have known because MM would have clearly been in discomfort? I hope she is much better as you read this.