Thursday, February 21, 2008

BIG NEWS & Catching up

First of all, I have been remiss for I have been very sick. STILL very sick. Started off with a virus & pneumonia causing my asthma to go haywire & was hospitalized for the week of Feb. 4th. I had a rough time, including having an allergic reaction to one of the few antibiotics I was not allergic to, but am now. My immune system is messed up again. I am also having heart & blood pressure problems. My heart keeps racing & my bp won't come down. It is dangerously high, even on THREE meds. UGH! I have been off work all this time. I am afraid I am going to have a stroke. They might put me back in the hospital this weekend if it doesn't come down. I feel awful, but wanted to post about somethings as well.

MM also got very sick when I was in the hospital. She had a really high fever for several days. Since then, she has been a different child. How you ask? She is acting like a typical 3 year old (now I know she is almost 5, but it is progress). She has lots of eye contact, spontaneous speech & using pronouns, not talking in third person, minimal stims & flapping, doing things for herself, etc. I can't explain it. It is like a light was just turned on. She is also now OFFICIALLY
PEE-PEE trained during the day! She hasn't worn a day pullup since last Friday- so six days! It is wild.

We had our appointment with the physiatrist today. She couldn't believe it was the same child. She gave me a study about how kids with ASD "clear" with a fever. She said enjoy the moment & celebrate, but it will probably go away. I don't care if it does. I can live the rest of my life with this "5 minutes of something wonderful rather than a life time of nothing special". It is enough to sustain me. It feels great to see her acting & doing like a typical child. She also tested her & she has had a bump in her skills with how clear she is. She tested at 36 months rather than the usual 18-24 months, with some 30 month skill. Almost everything was 36 months!

I feel like I am in a dream & don't want to wake up, except for the pounding headache I have from my blood pressure...

I still need to update about our IEP, but that will be for another time.