Friday, April 4, 2008

Has it been since February???

Guess I am a bad blogger. Time just gets aways so quickly. Things continue to be hectic here, mainly with my health. MM is doing fine, except for the bout of strep throat with horrible rash she has encountered this week. My health- ugh! Some tests have come back, had more this today. It is looking like part of this is my kidneys & the other is tumor/mass thing is still being investigated. I am very scared, but hope that things will be figured out soon & what course of action to take to get me well.

I have spent the month tagging clothes & toys to particpate in a HUGE consignment sale. I dropped the stuff off today. It really is a good sale cause I will get 70% of my prices, unless they make it to half price day. I had around $700 worth of stuff!!! Yes, you read that right! Way too many clothes & toys, but I also got rid of all my baby stuff like maternity clothes, diaper bags, baby bedding, etc. With the news of my kidney problems, there is no more hope in us having another. We didn't really plan on having another since can't get pregnant without meds, my pre-e was so bad & with all MM has going on, but I still held on to stuff "just in case". It makes me sad to think I really can't have another. Another crappy part of my life- thanks for having bad luck in my health!

Haven't done much for Autism Awareness Month since so much going on. I did pass out ribbons for all my coworkers, wrote an article for the monthly newsletter at work & composed a mass email. I feel I need to do more, but just am exhausted. I guess the daily grind of MM's ASD is enough for the moment. She really is such a sweetie. Her progress is amazing! I still can't believe the progress she has made recently. Her language is developing so nicely- not always script, more spontaneous speech. Her fine motor skills are still poor, but that is CP too. She does have a lovely keyboard at school now. She brought home TWO pages of typed things today! She was so proud & I am too! I LOVE YOU, BG! (which now means Big Girl, not BABY girl as I am reminded by you a few hundred times a day)!

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