Sunday, April 27, 2008

Birthday Party at the Giant Rat's Hole

Nice pic I found of the Rat!

Why is that things that are supposed to be simple are not? At least they are not when it comes to ASD and CP. My brother invited us to a birthday party for his girlfriend's daughter- it was at the hell known as Chuck E. Cheese. We talked about it all week & she actually wanted to go. She did remarkably well for how busy that place is. I had to stay with her the entire time while the other adults let their children run and play. They sat around and socialized; I ran interference for my child. She did well until that giant rat came out. It got louder and louder. I ended up sitting there with my hands over her ears. She still kept it together until the very end. It was getting super crowded by then and I was over stimulated myself (I can't believe you can't turn those damn tickets in for valium- LOL). Just once I would like to know what it is like to just be able to go somewhere & know she would be okay. Other kids are running & playing while I had to carry her many places, lift her up to things & help her learn how to wait our turn & put tokens in machines. It just comes so easily to many- I saw 2 year olds able to do these things with ease. ***SIGH*** BUT I guarantee they don't appreciate all the small things like her eating almost a whole cupcake by herself and just actually GOING to Chuck E Cheese! Woohoooo!

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