Sunday, February 14, 2010

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I realize that Word Verification is a random assortment of letters and numbers designed to prevent spamming computers from leaving naughty responses on people's blogs. I realize that Blogger has certain measures in place to make sure that racist terms, foul language, etc never appear in a specific order.

That being said, I want to question WHY, on a blog about a child with disabilities, the R word came up for word verification. If you do not realize what the R word is, it is r-----*. This was on MY blog. I was mortified to read this in my comments.

With the large population of special needs blogs, both parents and others use Blogger as a networking tool to support one another. I think it is disgusting that you have not taken measures to prevent such a terrible word from appearing. Yes, it is true that certain populations of people do not understand why this is such a big deal. However, there is a huge number who understand how truly offensive this word is. As says, "our language frames how we see each other". Allowing this as word verification just continues the pejorative attitude towards people with disabilities.

I hope & expect that action will be taken to prevent this from happening again. I do not want this on my blog. It would also be nice if a PUBLIC apology would be made to me and my fellow special needs bloggers.

I was unable to find where else to send this to. It needs to go to the top of the chain at Blogger.

*Did not want to use word here, but did in post

**Allie, I hope you don't mind, but I used your wonderful post as a guideline & paraphrased some of what you said.**

I encourage all of you to contact blogger as well. As soon as I find out where else to send this, I will. Anyone out there know?

Okay, I posted a question on the help message board.

Now, here is the response I got from nite.cruzr (which if you just happen to click on his name in the post you can get his email)
As you state, word verification is a random jumble of letters and numbers. I'd be surprised if there are no world languages which don't see some "naughty" or "offensive" words pop up there, from time to time.

I realise that seeing "idiot" or "retard" from time to time will not fill you with joy. That said, if seeing that come up during word verification is the only offensive experience that you have during any given day, you must have a pretty darn good day overall.

I have forwarded this for Blogger's attention, however.

Nice, huh? He also asked if I was Ally cause she had posted as well.

Here is my reply to him:

to nitecruzr:

No, I am not Ally. She is the one who posted on my blog.


I did not ask for YOUR opinion about being offended. I asked for help in who I can contact. I have a child with special needs. You have NO IDEA what I encounter day in & day out, so please don't presume what type of day I have. There are a few assumptions I could make about you too, but I am not going to do that, cause that would be sinking to your level

I am thinking he might need some other emails or posts, huh? Oy vay.



Ally in Wonderland said...

THANK YOU!!!!! I tried to post a thread about how to contact Google/Blogger, but can't figure out how to get back and check

Any way you can help me here, this needs to be fixed.

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NO! How did I miss this post?!


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