Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Literally Autsim

About 15 minutes after DH put MM to bed, I went upstairs. I could hear her reading her books talking to herself as she usually does. I then hear her pass gas kind of loud. Then she says: "Cinderella, you far.ted I heard you!"

She came home from school with super star sticker on her shirt.
Me: Why did you get that sticker?
MM: I a smarty pants
Me: I know you are a smarty pants, but what did you do to get that sticker?
MM: (with exaggerated hand movements) I the only one who knew clockwise and counterclockwise! (she's only in first grade!)

New words that crack her up:
Tamper Evident Cap
Are we going to go Wally World?


ParkerMama said...

Okay, I had to stop and think about
clockwise and counterclockwise. You do have a smarty pants on your hands!

kristi said...

LOL..too funny!

Angela said...

i love her :) thanks for the great smile :)

Candace said...

She is a smarty pants! That is tooo funny!