Thursday, February 18, 2010

Enough Already, 2010!-- UPDATE

We are having one bang up of a year so far.

I told you of my illness hat landed me in the hospital for several days. While I was there, my FIL had to have some stents put in his carotid artery cause he suffered a stroke Christmas eve. My BIL needs another surgery on his legs after having a heart bypass & bypasses for both his legs last year. My sister had a seizure out of no where a few weeks ago. The EEG showed seizure activity, so she is being place on meds & needs a 48 hour EEG. This whole school things is out of control. All of MMs appointments are getting to come around again. I have been avoiding scheduling some of them just so I dont have to deal. I have had horrible insmonia & crazy emotions from the steroids. DH & I are going through another rocky patch, not seeing eye to eye on the school stuff, money, etc.

Now, my mom just called me. My dad is in the ER with chest pains & EKG changes. Possible heart attack.

I am so spent. I am really losing my faith here. I know that God doesn't cause this, but how much more can I handle? Could really use some prayers/vibes or whatever you do. Where is the give me a break line? I REALLY need it.

***He will be having a heart cath tomorrow to see what is going on. Thanks for the prayers!***


Colleen said...

I am so sorry...sending my prayers!!!

The Henrys said...

Sending prayers!

Candace said...

We are praying for some peace and stillness for you! I know how frustrated and overwhelmed you must feel!

Anonymous said...

(((HUGS)))) I only wish I could do more :( I am so sorry -- you and your entire family remains in my prayers!


j said...

sending prayers and hugs. why is it that life piles so much on us at once. i wish you strength and don't forget to take deep breathes.

Katy said...

Prayers for you guys.

Megan said...


Saw your post over at Katie's site.... and stopped by to visit. Glad I did.... Praying!

(My youngest, Sadie, has CP... But many amazing abilities...)

Take care...and keep us updated!