Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Literally Autism

While working on a puzzle of the US:

Me: Topeka is the capital of what?
MM: Kansas

Me: Little rock is the capital of what?
MM: Are-Kansas
Me: Arkansas
MM: Are-Kansas
Me: No honey, for some reason they say Arkansas
MM: Are-Kansas

While making blueberry muffins:

Me: MM, you have to move so I can get in that cabinet
MM: I moved (as she turns 180 degrees on her step stool)
Me: You are so literal
MM: I not literal- what's literal?
Me: :::silence:::


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pixiemama said...

Foster just told Sophie that if she crashed my light, I would "whoop her butt until it cracks." I have no idea where he learned the "whoop your butt" bit (ahem) but it really cracked me up...