Sunday, May 31, 2009

Going...Going... Gone!

Yes, she is back on planet MM. **sigh**

I had just made that post Thursday morning how good she was doing. We went to lunch at I.HOP. She was a little stimmy before we left, wanting her Nana. We went & picked her up for lunch. She was doing her directions over & over. She ordered her usual. She got upset cause the lady (not our usual waitress) brought her a small glass of milk. 5 minute meltdown. She then ate all of her bacon & that upset her. Another 5 minute meltdown, but got her to stop by giving her the chicken off my salad. She then was doing her driving directions the rest of the time, along with shoulder shrugs & finger flicking.

As an aside to the above part, at the I.HOP we were at, the booths have see through glass partitions. There was a couple on the other side who kept staring, rolling their eyes & making comments. My mom wouldn't let me say anything to them. I so wanted to. I was frustrated and I just hate people who stare. It is so sofa king rude! I found a cool new statement & I want to make it on a business card so I can hand them out:

Keep staring cause that will cure her Autism and then we can work on YOUR social skills.

Of course, I will add a website or some info about autism. I think a shirt for her would be cool too.

When she woke up Friday morning, she was gone. She kept saying over & over "Do I write from the top to the bottom or the bottom to the top? Top to the bottom" for over 45 minutes. I worked Friday & Saturday, so she was with Mom. She said she was hard to engage, doing lots of stims. She keeps asking to go to Dog.wood (her school). Even though I am doing my best to make a good routine for her, it is not the same. It has only been a little over a week and I feel like I made a mistake. I should have fought harder for her ESY. I know it is only a week & I need to give it time.

It is just so hard to have the clarity gone and her routine messed up all at the same time. It was fun while it lasted. Off to do the Super Family Sunday thing.


Colleen said...


I do like your bumper sticker/tshirt quote!

kristi said...

Sorry it has been rough. TC will do ESY again this summer. Summer is always hard for us because his sister is older and stays home and he has to get up early and go to daycare.

Melanie said...

I hate when people stare.

Over the past couple years I've come up with some good ones. Even made up a couple shirts and sold some...

"I'll assume you're staring cause I'm so darn cute"


"Got Manners?"

"Keep your peepers to yourself"
"Anyone ever tell you staring is rude?"

Then there is just outright asking them
"Is there something I can help you with?"
generally they are so shocked you actually said something to them.
when they say "No" my husband generally says something along the lines of "well then move along" and waves them away. or "then stop staring, you've never seen a little boy in a wheelchair before?"

therextras said...

On a dime, eh?

I liked the potential business card (in red), too.

The school system is just so entrenched...9-month school year. Honestly, I've never seen ESY do little more than babysit - and I've seen lots of special ed.

I work at how I behave when I recognize a child with a disability in public. I have the inclination to stare, but make sure I do not. When you recognize another child's behavior as likely autism, what do you do?

MeghatronsMom said...

Barbara- I will answer your question this evening. Gotta go to work!