Thursday, May 28, 2009

Keep on Keeping On

She is continuing to do well & amaze. She transitioned back to her MDO (mother's day out) program easily. There were 2 girls there from last year that she remembered. She has the same teacher as well. They were amazed at how much she has grown & changed. I know I complained alot, but Ms. X really did do an overall great job in helping MM.

We finally got casted for new DAFOs yesterday. We are going to try a shorter one & see how it goes. I am excited & nervous at the same time. We also will (finally) be getting AFO socks! Woohoo! The ones with the big toe seperator. She has so much eczema from the DAFOs & I have tried all kinds of socks. Hopefully, the insurance will pay for them. If not, I will. We have to try.

Speaking of insurance, they are driving me crazy! They keep calling me about my hospitalization, wanting details. They are also driving me nuts cause we have had all of MMs appointments come up at once. As you all know, insurance is a pain! I am thankful I have it, thankful mine is pretty good, but boy is it work!

I've still got to get her some new glasses. I am not sure how I want to go about it. I might try the site. Or I just might go to Wal.marx, although I am trying to stay out of there.

My mom & I were talking about how she has been "here" & exploded the last few weeks. We think it is due to her poison whatever exposure. It has obviously sent her immune system into overdrive. Just like when she gets a fever & clears, this seems to be going on. We were joking saying we are going to keep her rashed up from now on. I so wish they could figure out what makes her clear with fever, etc. It would be nice, huh? In the mean time, I am just enjoying her. She is such a sweet kid.

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therextras said...

Sounds like y'all are doing well - more than not. :) I'm happy to read...and pleased she will be getting new braces....and I (grrr!) resent the work of making insurance work, too! lol. Barbara