Saturday, May 23, 2009

And it Keeps Going!

More bragging here!

We went to the eye doctor yesterday. She did AMAZING! She jumped up in the chair, told them she wanted to see the letters, not the shapes. She didn't even need me to sit in the chair with her. The only time she got upset was when they had to dilate her eyes. That wasn't a big deal. The problem was the nurse wouldn't listen to me about not restraining her. MM HATES to be restrained. If you tell her, prepare her & let her know what is coming, all I have to do is gently hold her hands. Once we got through that, it was only a 10 minute meltdown. She then went back & saw the doctor. He was pleased. Eyes are just a little worse, but he is hoping we will plateau & not need surgery. I will continue to do glasses as long as it works. Not patching for now either. Just drops every now & then for when she starts looking out the bottoms of her glasses. We will dilate for 3 days & see if it stops. If not, then we will have to do patching again.

Then we went to the dentist. We went to the dentist in town who specializes in SN. We were all prepared to go visit & make the appointment for sedation since she is so orally defensive. Well, Miss Thing went right back. They wanted to do a panorex of her teeth. I explained to her about the xray & how to do it. She stood & bit down & did great. We then went back, she jumped up in the dental chair. She hit it off right away with the hygienist. She asked what her name was, what tools she had, etc. The hygienist took the one pointer & MM said "You not gonna give MM a shot are you?". Hygienist said "No, I use this to point & count your teeth". MM opened up & let them count her teeth! Then the hygienist let her touch the brush, etc. MM LET her clean her teeth & paint on the fluoride treatment! The dentist then came in who is a very large, kind voiced man. She shook his hand, asked him to count her teeth. She only gagged a few times. Her teeth look great. We have taken immaculate care of them (his words). No cavities, but her mouth is way, way too small for all those teeth. He said unless she does some serious growing, we are looking at some major orthodontics. Even that news couldn't spoil my mood.

She got her first phone call yesterday from a friend at school. This is the conversation:

Me: Hello?
G: Is this MM's Mommy?
Me: Yes it is.
G: This is G. Can I please talk to MM?
Me: Sure. MM the phone is for you.
MM: Hello? Who is this?
G: It's me, G. What are you doing?
MM: I hanging out with my cousin. We playing.
G: I'm going to give your mommy my phone number so we can play this summer, okay?
MM: Sure. We can play. Mommy its for you, it G.
Me: Okay, G. I've got your phone number from the caller ID.
G: Okay, I will call in a couple days so I can play with her. I live in Knoxville.
Me: Okay, bye-bye.

Too cute! This is the little girl that was MM's peer buddy. We gave her our phone number for summer play date. I was excited she called right away. This little girl also cried cause MM wouldn't hug her the last day of school. She just doesn't hug too often. I got her to give high-fives to her though. MM loves to give high-fives as her way of hugging.

She has really had the best week ever!

How do you top that off?

Nana bought her a DS for her hand/eye coordination & cause she got all Es (which means excellent) on her report card. She picked the My Baby Girl game. She likes to be the mommy. And guess what? She has already figured out how to work the game! :-)

***There was only one downer at the dentist. There were a lot of people there who were foreign. A couple of women were speaking in an unrecognizable language & pointing & staring at MM's braces. I just wanted to scream at them That is RUDE in any language! You can talk all you want, just don't point & stare. I would have thought there would have been more SNK there, but not when we went. It was all typical kids. Note to self, get first appointment of day from now on.***

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Colleen said...

oh I was so hoping it was good stuff after reading the title! That is awesome that she did everything so well and things are looking good!