Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Viral? Nope.

Been MIA due to MM having another lengthy illness. It involved a high fever- 104.9 in the armpit, vomiting, lethargy, barky coughing, runny nose, a trip to the ER, a trip to the pediatrician office. The ER said it was viral and to wait it out. I didn't really agree with the super high fever. It then continued on for 8 days, finally culminating in a raging UTI. Poor thing. Today is the first day I have seen a glimmer of her in there. She actually ate some food today. I hope this is it & she can kick this thing. It is so hard to guess what is wrong with her, but she actually did finally tell us her butt hurt which lead to the UTI suspicion. Like I said, it it a major UTI. She is on some pretty strong antibiotics for fear of it moving to her kidneys since it went on too long. I am exhausted cause I was up for 4 nights in a row giving meds every 3 hours for her fever. DH has actually let me take a nap the last two days we were off together.

During the illness, the ER doctor gave her phenergan (sp.) for vomiting. It made her severely ataxic, rigid and she kept doing weird things with her mouth. Turns out, it can cause neuro problems for those with neuro issues. I told the ER doc TWICE she had CP & ASD. What part of neuro is that not? I swear, it is getting so scary any more when it comes to dealing with the medical profession & I AM a medical person! My number one rule is listen to your patients or their family. Easy enough? Obviously not for some. Needless to say, we had the crap scared out of us once more. It is only zofran for us from now on & it is listed on her chart to never give her phenergan again.

We keep taking the punches & getting back up.


Christine said...

Wow that is scary about the phenergen. We have used it before with no problems, but that is really good to nknow that it can have those kinds of affects.

sometimes those punches are just unbearable, but I promise things will get better....sending big hugs your way!

Colleen said...

Sorry it has been such a rough time!!! Hope she is on the mend now and has no long term effects from either.

Nelba said...

Really hope she feels better soon.

therextras said...

cr@p! I hate it when that happens! Much sympathy. Hope she feels better soon. Barbara

Heather said...

I followed your link from another blog. I have two kids on the spectrum. I love your blog!