Sunday, April 12, 2009

No Coincidences

We had a yard sale on Friday & Saturday. Not so great weather. Friday we got rained out till about 0930, Saturday was muddy, cloudy & got cool. We persevered & got it done. We made quite a bit of money (it was our household & my parents). It was so relieving, purging of clutter & making money for it.

As we were selling, a very kind lady stopped. We struck up a conversation. She gave me a business card cause she is a chiropractor. I asked her about treating children with ASD. She began to tell me the story of a boy, now in his teens, who was non-verbal when he started recently coming to her. Not only did he have ASD, but he had a stroke in utero & has mild CP as well. (Sound familiar?) He now is talking. She does adjustments as well as practices herbs, vitamins, etc. We talked about supplements. I am going to give her a try & see if we have any big break throughs with MM. She also told me about a lady in her 40s who she treats. She has Asperger's & talks easily to the doctor, as she has been coming to her for years. She has a college degree, a job & lives on her own. I gave her my phone number & email address. She said she would speak with the lady & would hope that she could be a mentor for MM.

I am very excited because she has already emailed me. She is actually eager to communicate via email & meet in person. She is willing to answer my questions about living with ASD. She also wrote this lovely comment:

I just want to tell you that doctor's aren't always completely right because I think that the power of the human will and the human spirit can defy a diagnosis and I don't think that anyone can be totally accurate in their assessment of what another can accomplish.

Wow, huh? She sounds pretty amazing & I am very excited to communicate with/meet her. This gives me such hope. It is just what I needed with the impending IEP coming up. Hope.

Having this sale was no coincidence. The Man upstairs set me the good doctor to deliver me hope. Thank you, God.

*btw, the doctor bought my train table & Thomas stuff for kids to play with in her waiting room. really cool.*


pixiemama said...

Wow. No accidents.

Ellen said...

That is amazing. I am a big believer in chiropactors—and in trying anything that could help our kids. Please keep us posted on what happens! And, if you have ANY yard sale advice to share, please email me, we are having ours in a few weeks!

Chun Wong said...

That's brilliant! Both the doctor and the lady mentor sound like great people. I really hope that these two contacts really help you and your daughter.

Christine said...

We used a chiropracter regularly for a few years. and now just everyonce in a while, but it definitely helps both of my girls to be in their best form. As far as supplements go....I am a huge Juce Plus devoted user for everyone in our house. In fact I had a post on it sometime in late January/early Feb. That stuff is amazing and has done wonders for all of us.