Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Crisis Semi-averted

The IEP went okay. The area that I thought they would bulk on the most they did not. MM will still be restrained on a short bus. They realized that she can't step up on a regular bus alone (DUH), can't be properly supported on a seat in a regular bus (DUH) and doesn't have the trunk strength or good enough protective reflexes to keep her upright with sharp turns, etc or if there was a crash (DUH). I am quite sure we will battle this again next year, but for now, score one for us. I don't know why they make you jump through hoops for something as simple as her safety.

They denied us ESY. Even though the teacher recommended it, they said she did not need it educationally. I still have time to think on this one. The summer program they have offered the last few years was okay, but not great. (The only great thing was the teacher. It didn't offer enough to really help her and it was in the worst part of town. Seriously, a crack dealer was on the corner there in the mornings) We are going to send her back to a mother's day out (MDO) group that she went to last year. The lady that runs the program actually came from the special ed preschool she went to. They take all ages in the summer & do lots of fun things. They also all did a wonderful job caring for MM last year & adapting to her needs. Honestly, they did better than her teacher this year, IMO. I like the fact that she won't be tied down to school per say & we will see how she does. She can go to the MDO when we want or we can not send her. With ESY, they take attendance. If she does not do well when school starts, then I doubt they will deny it next year.

I still can't figure them out. One would think after all this time (3 years in the county) I would have some understanding. I don't. The things I think they will give a hard time about, they don't. At the annual IEP, the bus was a huge battle we were fighting. They just wanted her on regular transportation, no supports or anything. They did a total 180 with that. The ESY I thought was a slam dunk. Wrong!

Thank you for all your kind words of support & great advice.

One more thing. If you get a chance, can you send up a prayer for DH. We had to take him to the doctor today. He had to have an EKG & lab work. He has been having weird spells. They don't think it is his heart. He didn't see our regular doctor either. The fill-in seems to think it is stress/anxiety. I am hoping that is all it is too. I think he has needed help for a long time & is now finally at his breaking point. They gave him a script too, so he is joining the xanax for lunch bunch. Please pray it is something simple. I just can't take any more bad news. I really can't (for i too am beyond my breaking point. i think it is why i can't get well myself).


Colleen said...

((hugs)) prayers for you, MM and your hubby!

I am glad the IEP went ok and at least now you dont have the stress of the transportation/safety issues.

Ally in Wonderland said...


I am so sorry it's starting to take a toll on your health.

One of the questions they asked me this morning in the interview was "What do you do if a parent comes in with a schedule all written out for you that basically states you spend all your time with their child?" I knew what they wanted to hear was "Tell them their wrong" but in my heart, I could never do that. Just like you said, YOU know your child best!!! Maybe if teachers just started LISTENING to the parents, there would be less moaning and groaning on BOTH parts when it comes time for meetings!!!!! Sure, sometimes parents have unrealistic views of ALL that goes on in our day, but that doesn't mean we can't work something out!!

Sorry, rant finished. I'm glad the IEP is over and done with and I hope this MDO group goes well for MM!

Anonymous said...

Luckily we haven't had a problem yet with my daughters IEP's. I feel blessed that we are fortunate enough to live in this school distract. I have heard from a lot of parents with special needs children that their is always a battle when it comes to their childs IEP's. School's a lot of the time look at their inconveniences and not what is best for the child. School is about to start and from your later posts I can see that your daughter would have benefited from summer school. Hopefully they will see that too.