Thursday, December 11, 2008

Still Sick

Title says it all.

I had to take her back to the doctor on Monday. Even though she was on antibiotics, she woke up with a high fever. She had also started vomiting the night before. Ugh!!! Well, it turned out they think she has some sort of funky drug resistant strep. She was then placed on two different antibiotics. Yesterday, fever back up & diarrhea. I am debating whether to take her back this afternoon. Poor kid. With her autoimmune issues when she gets sick, she gets really sick.


Ellen said...

OMG, poor little girl. Perhaps, just perhaps, she has given her strep to Mx. X? [Insert evil laughter here.]

therextras said...

Sometimes all I can think to say is to pray for the best medical providers.

I even thought she might need hospitalization, but then, perhaps there are more germs there. Lots of stress, too.

Wishing you all better health for the coming weeks. Barbara