Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ugh... Behavior

Transitioning to school has been quite difficult for MM. She is doing well at school, but her behavior at home has been abhorrent. My sweet little girl with occasional meltdowns has turned into a full on melting pot. She has one everyday around 2:30 (about 1 1/2hrs after getting home). It doesn't matter where we are, what she is doing, she just melts. It can last anywhere from 30 minutes, but has been more on the upto 2 hour side. She is also crying every night at bedtime now, again lasting the same amount of time. Bed time has never been a problem for her. It is breaking my heart & I am feeling so bad for her.

I am also scared.

We have been very fortunate in being able to moderate her behavior until now. I am afraid that this will not pass & that this is how our life is going to be. I KNOW she has autism, I just have always felt blessed it was mild to moderate, being more mild most times. I am terrified of losing her to these meltdowns. She screams, cries, hurts herself. She is back to carrying a chewy tube full time cause she chewed through a watch & spot on her arm at school one day. (Of course, the teacher did not notice this. She says she is just "fine" at school.) She seems to have a lot of regression. The child who has never had an accident since being potty trained, has had 4 in that last 4 days. I also think she might have a UTI or an ear infection, so we are going to the doctor this afternoon (she still holds her pee a lot at school).

I just want my sweet girl back.


Christine said...

I am sorry to read about the meltdowns. My Regan used to have a lot of those...especially after school, because she had so little transition from full out stimulus to calm home environment. I worked with her teacher to slow down the last 30 minutes of the school day, and then we just played soft music in the car, and home until she was ready to be herself again. Hope this helps a bit.

Colleen said...

I have been having thoughts/feelings like this lately too. Zach has been so much better at school this year and is doing well...but his behavior at home is getting worse. He is having meltdowns while watching his favorite shows and everything. I was hoping he would "outgow" this diagnosis..but reality is starting to sink in! I do think being overtired somewhat plays a part...but it is beginning to be difficult knowing what is health/typical/autism.

Your vow also brought me to tears. Bob and I just got married a year ago..but so much has been going on since then that I totally understand where you are coming from. Good luck with your new "vow"!

Trish said...

Hi, I'm just visiting for the first time, so I haven't read very much yet, but I just had to say that I HATE THE WORD "FINE"! The only thing worse is, "But he's doing so well." Ugh!