Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Party, The Bus & Other Fuss

I left it up to MM to decide about the party. She chose to go when she found out swimming was involved. I was so very proud of her for choosing to go to the party. It wasn't as bad as I imagined it was going to be. She enjoyed herself swimming. She swam through the crowds of people. She jumped off the diving board several times. She tried to cannon ball like the men were doing. She tried to give her mom a heart attack by wanting to go off backwards like the men. I am all for trying new things, but I wasn't ready for THAT! She enjoyed whacking the pinata. I only got a little sad a few times. First, when I saw all the other moms congregated talking while their children played with each other. I had to run interference for MM & she wanted me right there with her. Second, when all the children lined up to make their own cupcakes. Of course, they had a blast, getting frosting & sprinkles everywhere. She would have none of that, choosing to leave her cupcake plain & go inside for a glass of milk. The last time was when the pinata finally got opened. All the children jumped on the candy, she got pushed back & then just stood there. I finally reached down & grabbed the pinata to shake out some stuff for her. She doesn't even eat candy, but I want her to participate as much as she can. She was excited to pick up some stuff. She is also not greedy when it comes to stuff like that, only taking 3 pieces. That made me proud. All in all, not too painful. I also got a pretty nice tan out of it- BONUS!

School has started. I took her the first day. It was only a half day. She did well, even telling me she was "settled". I asked if I could go & she said "sure". I picked her up. She kept saying over & over she was a first grader. Day two she rode the bus to & from school. It seemed to go okay. She is very stimmy when she gets home & starving as well. The afternoons have been spent hearing her say "I not bossy" over & over for HOURS! She is not eating all that well at home or at school. This is normal for her until she adjusts. Haven't heard from the teacher which I do not like, but will set up a system with her next week. We will have a team meeting next week to discuss how it is going for her. The OT & PT have been quick to point out the fact she has no DAFOs on her feet. The short bus, which is now a big short bus, backs up the road every morning & afternoon. The bus owner was a little concerned about traffic letting the bus driver back up. He said he would get the police out there daily to direct traffic if need be. All I could think of is: GREAT! It's not enough we have the short bus pulling up everyday to draw attention, now we will have the police too. Thank goodness it doesn't seem to be a problem so far.

The DAFOs are being replaced for the third time. We are going back to what we had. We went yesterday to be recasted. She complained often about her feet being tired. She would even say her feet hurt, which is quite unusual for Miss HighPainThreshold. The PT wanted to have another strap added to them. We had them adjusted, redone, padding added, cut down. They kept leaving red marks on her ankles. The orothotist said no, enough is enough. She obviously still need the extra support, having to adjust them that much is not acceptable for a custom brace, put her back in what she had. The doc was called & she confirmed our decision. Sorry, PT, sometimes Mommy, Daddy & Nana know best. The orthotist is putting a rush on them, so hopefully they will be her next week.

This is getting lengthy, so I will wrap this up with one last thing. I had a comment left a few weeks ago about joining a health community. After being reviewed by the CEO of the site, I was accepted. I am know officially a member of the ASD community on there. See the new button over there on the left -------->? Pretty cool, huh? It will upload my blog posts there for people to read & send them here. On top of being a featured friend and now this, I expect my traffic to pick up even more. I am excited to connect with more people here in the blogosphere. At first, I just wanted my little blog here, in my little space, to have a place to write my thoughts. I have even told some people IRL about my blog that I wanted to keep a secret. I can't believe that people actually want to read these (crazy) thoughts!

She is almost done with therapy. Hurray for free wi-fi so I could update. Working the weekend, so don't be surprised if I am not around.


Colleen said...

Glad the party went well and school too! Hope school keeps going good! I will have to check out the Wellsphere..sounds interesting!

malibustacy said...

I love your blog! I read through it all the time. You're a great writer.
I was just wondering if you've ever read Jodi Picoults book, "Handle with Care."
It's really good! The little girl in the book has Osteogenesis Imperfecta. (Brittle Bones) So, I mean it's not your same situation, but I thought you might like it. She's an amazing author.

Here's the link with the synopsis and stuff if you're interested:

Thank you for your posts.
<3 stacy

therextras said...

Very upbeat!

You are the third blogger (that I have been reading a while) to be invited to Wellsphere recently.

I've been with them for over a year. Can count the number of referral clicks from them on one hand. Nice site, but I am not optimistic about its ability to drive up numbers. Just saying.