Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pediatrician Update

Took her back in. Her tonsils are HUGE! They reswabbed her & now she has strep AGAIN! We are waiting to here from the ENT either this afternoon or tomorrow. They want to get us in ASAP cause they need to come out more than likely. I bet they will put the tubes back in as well. Poor thing, she never complains about pain. We just have to guess cause she still won't eat, feverish on & off and just not herself.

For the most part, we have been pretty fortunate with her autoimmune issues. Now, it seems like she is sick every time we turn around. I hope that this will help cut down on some of the infections. I also wonder if her being in constant stressed out mode at school isn't contributing to this.

Thanks for all the prayers. Will keep you posted.


Ally in Wonderland said...

I don't know if anyone has told you this today, but you rock.


Colleen said...

Good luck at the ENT!

Ellen said...

Yikes. I think stress can contribute to sickness, but it sounds like the tonsils are a big old problem. Hopefully, getting them removed will help.

Anonymous said...

Hoping this solution will lead to long term absence of strep. Sending good thoughts.


(Not that it will make you feel better, but I quoted/linked you in one of my posts recently.)

Ally in Wonderland said...

First, I left you a Meme and a blog award on my blog.

Second, I mentioned a "friend who's daughter has a terrible teacher and who's IEP team wouldn't let her see material before the meeting" to see what my base teacher would say. She said that its not legally binding for the teachers to comply with your request for seeing the stuff before an IEP meeting (which I knew) but if a parent does request it, teams should provide it. After all, they share it with themselves to make sure they're all on the same page and make the meeting go faster, why not give it to you? Second, she recommended just what I said, keep a log of all the times MM comes home w/out a coat zipped, with wet pants, and all the other things. Make sure to keep a copy of the notes you send into Ms. X requesting she zips/potties/etc. and then in the IEP meeting read out "I have asked that _____ occurs. Well on 1/1/09, 1/2/09, etc. MM came home soaking wet." Make sure to read out all the dates.

You are allowed to tape record IEP meetings, however, you have to provide advance notice. My teacher didn't say HOW advanced, but you have the legal right. You also have the legal right to bring anyone you want to the meeting without letting the team know, except for a lawyer. If you bring the lawyer without prior notice, the team has the right to postpone the meeting. I know you probably know all of this, you're a great mom who is really on top of this, but just in case.

Also, she recommended having an autism advocate with you. Maybe the president of the local Autism Society from your area? I can't remember whether or not you mentioned having one.

And just so you know, the only questions I asked were "I have a friend with a daughter who has multiple diagnosis, one of which is autism. The mom has made requests of the teacher, nothing outlandish, just that her daughter has a chance to potty throughout the day and the teacher zips up her coat before going outside. The daughter has come home on more that one occasion wet and with an unzipped coat. The teacher says she offers potty to the daughter, but the daughter always says no."
My teacher goes "well of course daughter says no, she probably doesn't understand that sensation, the teacher needs to physically lead her to the potty and sit her down. (we have a student in our room who will hold it all day unless we do that). And this teacher should not be bothered by zipping a simple coat, heck, we zip all our kids as well, at least we double check that its zipped, this teacher is weird!"

I hope this helps and I don't mean to repeat information you probably already know. I just know that the parent handbook of legal rights is really long and technical.


Maddy said...

Newbie visiting from the Extras. Glad to add my prayers.
Best wishes