Monday, January 26, 2009

Manic Monday

I have a lot going on.

First, MM goes to the ENT on Friday. I am sure she will have to have those monstrosities known as tonsils removed. Poor thing is still not eating great, nose running constantly & lots of coughing. We are almost done with the antibiotics & I am sure by next week she will have the reoccurring infection. (Not feeling very optimistic this morn)

Tomorrow is the rescheduled IEP. Need I say more? Those yahoos still did not even give me the evals or reports! Thanks for all the advice you guys have provided. I am reading it & taking it all in, evening adding it to my notes for the meeting. I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt, as I try to do, but am sure I will be upset as usual. (again with the pessimistic view)

They scheduled MY sinus surgery for Feb 11. If I do not have it done then, I will have to start all over & have a different doc do it. The wonderful doc I found is relocating back to where she came from. Sux for me! It really has taken me a long time to build back up the courage to go & make the decision to have this done. The last time I had the surgery, in 2000, I got septic & almost died. YEAH- good times there. I need this done though. It will hopefully help my blood pressure, headaches & just generally improve my life so I don't have to deal with chronic sinusitis all the time.

I have to get MM's other appointments scheduled or rescheduled (eye dr, developmental specialist, 6 yr check up, etc.).

BIG news here too. My baby has a very wiggly bottom tooth. I will try to upload the video of it. I am sad & glad for she growing up.

We (DH & I) are going through an autism sux phase right now too. We both are in a bit of a funk cause these illnesses have really set her back. Lots of regression going on, has gone on. It is not just he autism stuff either. Her legs are so stiff & she lost some of her good gross motor gains. He, who is usually so positive, is just as anxiety ridden as I. This is so darn hard.

Did I mention I had my annual girlie check up last week? That will have to be for another post. I just can't think about it right now.

I know so many of you here in blogger land are going through just as much & many much worse than we. Where can we get in the "Give Us an Effing Break Line"?

(tried to cheer up by adding the valentine stuff to the blog. I LOVE valentine's day. it is such a cute, made up holiday. even dressed the girlie in valentine's attire this morn. I know it is early, but how can LOVE not make you smile?)


kristi said...

One of my blogs has this same layout!! I know what you mean. TC has been acting horrible, he has a cold, Hubs back is out so he has not worked in days. I need a break from my life!

Good luck on the IEP!

Colleen said...

It definitly seems like this time of year all the appointments and crap start adding up...I cant imagine going through so much with my children and then myself also. I hope everything goes well with your surgery!

Nancy said...

Hang in there! I know it's not much to offer, but it's the best I can do here in blogosphere. I do hope that things go well tomorrow! I will be keeping you guys in my thoughts during the IEP and the upcoming surgeries!

Ally in Wonderland said...

I love Valentine's Day too! I hope the IEP goes well! I found out today that we have not one, but FOUR IEPs to update in the next week before they are past due. *gasp*