Friday, January 16, 2009

Need IEP Advice/Help Badly!

I sent an email this past Monday, asking MM's case manager for the reports before the IEP which is Tuesday. There is no school Monday due to MLK day. MM is was very ill today. I sent an email asking if I could pick them up today. She sent me an email telling me they wouldn't be done since MM was absent today and they will be available for review at the meeting. WTF? They were waiting till the last possible minute to get them done? What would you do? HELP! What are my rights here?

I am so pi$$ed off right now! I can't see straight! I just got to the email this evening since MM has been so ill!

P.S. An aside here, her absence will be excused cause children didn't have to attend today due to the single digit temps. They had no clue she would be absent due to illness.


Ally in Wonderland said...

I'm new to this (not being a real teacher yet) so I find this very, very interesting. However, I WOULD recommend having your mom there (isn't she the one who saw the wet pants and can back you up on Ms. X's behavior?). That NEEDS to be addressed!!!

Also, as far as I know, it is not legally mandated that parents see notes before the meeting. Everything we've been taught in class says it is a common courtesy, but not mandatory (like the parent invitation). But, please, prove me wrong on that one!!!

Also, please let us know (as much as you want) how this goes. I’m learning so much on how NOT to treat the parents in my class from Ms. X.

Dawn said...

If I were you, I would email the teacher/case manager and tell her that you will not meet until you have reviewed the information and that she/he can get you copies on Tuesday and then reschedule the meeting. But also remember, that what they have should only be in DRAFT form, until decisions are made, approved, and finalized by the TEAM, which includes you.
Let me know if you have other questions I am a Special Ed teacher in SC.

Rich said...

First advice is... Bring friends.. Or person of support that will understand... My teachers didn't care much for my "friends" because they often thought of asking questions my mom or I did not think of.

Take notes, OR BRING A TAPE RECORDER. Oh yes they do love that one. It shows you really want to pay attention. Make sure they know they are being taped, and note that on the tape.

Ask your questions, they are there to help you, and head over to Amazon, there are a few books on IEP law and other things out now that can help you understand more.

If you don't get the results you want go higher. By high school, I regularly had the superintendent in on my meetings.

I wish you the best, but can only say... It's only the beginning...