Wednesday, May 2, 2007

My attempt at a blog...

Well, I thought I would join the masses. I have been an avid blog reader for the past couple of years, especially the celebrity gossip ones & lots of mommy blogs. I guess I am joining the ranks of the mommy blogs. This will be a little bit of everything.

Why the title?

How many times have you heard that line? "He rode the shortbus to school" "I rode the short bus to school" "Did you ride the short bus?" I know I have even used some of those lines myself. We all know what the short bus means- those kids are "special". Most people also don't think of "special" in a good way when it comes to those kids. I keep typing those kids... one of THOSE KIDS is mine. That has become my new moniker- "It's all fun & games till the short bus pulls up in front of YOUR house".

I have become versed in the language of SNK (special needs kids), learned the abbreviations, spent numerous hours in doctor appointments, lost count of the hours spent getting therapy and am learning how to effectively fight the school system; all this while continuing to work nearly full time. The good news is my child is making great strides & will probably be high functioning. The bad news is we have to work everyday to get her there & keep her here with us in our world.

As time goes, I will share more of my journey and the crazy life we live. This is just the start of many posts to come. (I hope..............................)

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