Friday, May 25, 2007


My DH makes me so mad! We went to see the physiatrist yesterday. He KNOWS we had to go because I took the day off work to take her. First, he didn't even ask how the appt went. Second, when I began to tell him he started his usual BS of poo-pooing everything & sarcastically questioning things. I asked his stupid questions that he always asks and he asked if I asked about the DAFOs (long story there but the crappy school PT keeps saying she needs a smaller brace or none at all, just a shoe insert, since she never sees her toe walk DUH! She takes the braces OFF to do PT, after she has been stretched with them on! She also only does 30 min which ain't squat!) I told him no, she immediately was on her toes when they were taken off & she stayed on them to walk. Also, how will a shoe insert help pull her big toes out. Also, the school PT said she can't point her foot up in them and the doc said yes she can look, that is why they are hinged now. I told him about her saying to wear the thumb splints at night so she can have them on for at least 10 hrs. His reply- "what good is that going to do?" ~~~fumes & smoke from my ears~~~~~

I then got so mad that I told him I am not going to speak with him and if he thinks he knows better than the specialist go to the appointment for once! JERK!

He half-a$$ed apologized, saying, "I am sorry, I was just asking questions" I told him you were not "Just asking questions" , you were being very sarcastic & second guessing her judgement as well as mine. I still barely spoke to him after that.

I cried myself to sleep last night. Sometimes I really hate him, especially for his complete denial of Meghan's issues.

As far as the appt goes, it was a decent one. Mostly good news as she is making slow & steady progress. We are going back to private PT to help her. Her knees are really turning in do to low tone in her hips. She wants to try to strengthen them & see if we can't prevent it, but she will probably be "knee- knocked" and have the a-frame stance from knees down. She is also scissoring when she tries to run. The school isn't doing enough, giving her PT 1x/month! Why bother? She also made a good point about her going to her zoned school for her preschool SPED rather than being at the one she is at now. The therapists are kind of apathetic there since almost ALL of the kids there have needs. At her new school, it will be way less. As for her Autism treatment, she said it will be better there too. Why? She said to think about it- if it affects 1 in 150 and there are only about 500 kids in her school, then she theoretically is only 1 of 4 with it in her school. Good point!

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