Monday, November 2, 2009

Literally Autism

MM: Mom, we live green.
Me: Yes, MM, we do.
MM: Mom, we live green
(this repeated about 20 times)
Me: Yes, honey, we certainly do try to live green.
MM: But I sleep pink.

MM: Mom, did you know that my school is on Tipton.
Me: Yes, MM, I realize that.
MM: You "reckon"?
Me: What?
MM: That means do you recognize.
Me: I know what it means. That isn't proper English, that is southern slang. We really shouldn't say it.
MM: Ok, I recognize not to say it.
(I am sure more southern colloquialisms are to come & be explained since DH & I speak "northern")

While doing homework:
"Make words in the -ish family"
MM: Wish
Me: Very good. Can you think of another?
(I am thinking a 6 year old way, anticipating fish or dish)
MM: Irish, like me. Capital I- r
(she obviously has read the family crest we have on the wall, but we have never discussed with her)


Corrie Howe said...

I love talking to my autistic and very literal son. There is a lot of opportunity for chuckles...even at ourselves.

Colleen said...

so funny! Zach is talking up a storm now too, and sings songs whenever he makes a connection to his surrounding and the song.