Monday, March 23, 2009

More Spring Cleaning

I found another giveaway with more cleaning stuff. It has arm & hammer baking soda stuff. So many uses, not a ton of cleaning products & much easier on the environment.

WooHoo. Hope I win this too!

Now, where is the contest I can enter to get a life or at least something to help my OCD about cleaning?


Colleen said...

hey if you go to my blog...and look through blogroll I know there are lots of them having cleaning stuff....there are 3 doing an event that is mostly cleaning stuff, mommygoggles,mommymandy, and rockin mamma I believe are the 3. I enter tons of contests. I want to win the windex outside window cleaner.

Ellen said...

Ha! I am compulsively neat, not as much compulsively clean. It is much easier to be compulsively neat. :)