Sunday, March 22, 2009

Making a Knot & Hanging On

Yes, we are still here.

Recovery for both of us has been very difficult.

I have been on antibiotics & steriods just about non-stop since my surgery. As soon as I finish a round of antibiotics, I get another infection within 2-3 days. I have to take the prednisone or else I will have an allergic reaction to the one of the few antibiotics I can take (I am only mildly allergic to this one, versus severely allergic to the others). It is just like last time. I am worried. I might have to have another surgery cause it will not drain like it should. I have been at the doctor every 10 days since the my 7 day post-op follow up. Add up all those co-pays plus meds!

MM went back to school for a few days. She got sick within a few days of being back. She was on spring break this last week & has had a fever nearly the whole time. We are going back to the doctor tomorrow. I think she might have an ear infection now on top of her barky, croupy cough. She has been out of sorts, not "here" and EXTREMELY crabby.

We are still looking for that Give Me a Break line.

P.S. don't know if any of you are addicted to Post Secret like I am, but I saw this post card today. my heart felt so much sorrow cause it could have been sent in by my DH. It wasn't cause he doesn't know about post secret, but still...


Christine said...

Wow, I was wondering what had happened to ya'll, and I am really glad to see you online and recovering. Many hugs going out to you and MM.

kristi said...

Sorry you all are still sick. I read the postcard thing. I get frustrated when I see some of my family members not take care of their children...these are family members who have done tons of drugs but their kids are fine. And I did nothing wrong, and my son has autism. (HUGS)

Ellen said...

Hi. I have been wondering about both of you, I am sorry it's been such a long haul. Things HAVE to start looking up, right? RIGHT?! I hope the doctor can figure out what's up with MM tomorrow. Those ear infections can be silently evil.

I adore Post Secret. That card breaks my heart, too.

Colleen said...

ahhh I am so sorry! I wish you two could catch a break! (((hugs))) Sorry you think that your hubby feels that way!

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about you guys - I hope you get that break soon! :) Hang in there and I hope your health improves. (I know what you mean about that postcard - sometimes I have those days and I know my DH does....)


MeghatronsMom said...

Like "leahsmom" said, I think we all have those days every now & then. It just hit home & is hard to see in black & white. I KNOW I feel that way sometimes too. It is just hard to admit & I feel bad it has to be admitted secretly.

Everyone else,
Thanks for all the comments & get well wishes.

Ally in Wonderland said...

I saw that one too and my heart broke. I see everything from a totally different light, being able to go home at night and "disappear" from my students....sometimes I really want to take them home with me just to give their parents a break.

You rock my world.

JP said...

That was actually my card.

I left it at a Border's in the Autism section.