Saturday, March 28, 2009

Her Temper-ature

As you have all read, MM has an undiagnosed auto immune disorder. She often spikes fevers & has mysterious rashes. As she gets older, it is getting harder & harder to take her temperature. She loses her temper when we do it. Due to her sensory stuff, she won't take an oral temp. She fights like mad when you do an axillary (armpit) & the ear one is hardly ever accurate. What's a mom to do?

Well, Christine has another contest that will help solve my problem. Go check out her blog & enter her contest for a Temporal Scanner.

I need to win this MORE than I need those cleaning supplies!


Christine said...

Thank you for blogging my giveaway. It really is the best thermometer I have ever used, and the great thing is that Regan can even use it in herself....woohoo!

Anonymous said...

They are absolutely the best! I've had mine a couple of years and can't imagine doing without it..and all 3 of my kids are nt.

Especially handy for middle of the night temp checks.