Thursday, September 11, 2008

Questioning Public Education

School is so much fun- NOT!

On the surface, MM appears to be enjoying school. She is learning the routine & getting along. Her behavior at home is HORRIBLE! Ugh! So much stimming & melt downs. She is obviously spending all morning keeping it together & then coming home and "letting it all hang out". Needless to say, I am exhausted with her behavior.

We are having a meeting on Tuesday to bring the team together & figure out some things. I already posted many of my concerns here. I hope things get better with school & at home. I have given our private therapists a copy of her IEP so they can help me get some better goals.

I am quickly learning, in this county, that you have to have them put everything in writing on the IEP. ***sigh*** It really makes me sad how much I have to fight them. I just want them to do their job correctly & do a decent job (notice I am not even asking for good anymore). Something funny is the teacher asked ME if I knew where the keyboard was. To me, that is like me asking a patient "Mr. Johnson, do you know where I last put that ventilator you need?" I bet you heard me screaming across the whole eastern United States. I am just hoping to not go bald from pulling my hair out over this!

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