Friday, September 12, 2008

An Award

One of my favorite bloggers, Angela, has given me an award. This is the first time ever for this little blog o' mine. How sweet & cool! Check out Jack's blog & his cute little sister!

I nominate:

One of the blogs that I love to read for her eloquent way with words is written by Nelba. She always manages to touch my heart and put into words what I can not. I pray for her often as she is grieving the loss of her beautiful son & living with two more amazing little boys.

Melanie has an adorable little boy, Daniel, who is doing some amazing things. I like how she writes honestly & is exploring alternative treatments to help her little man. I love how she calls her blog "Better Than Normal" cause it is so often true that having a SNK can be more rewarding making it better than normal!

What can I say about Nancy ? Her stories of Caitlyn often keep me in stitches & I love that she can curse like a sailor (something I am known to do IRL). Caitlyn also is one of the prettiest little girls with gorgeous eyes. She is growing up so fast!

Shannon's blog of her kiddo's, Ben & Kiera, is a great read. Kiera is a real spunky little thing. Ben is often like MM in that he is not severely disabled, but doesn't fit it with the neurotypicals either. She too has started navigating the kindergarten road like us.

Last, but not least, I give my final spot to Bird (whose real name is escaping me at the moment). Seeing pics of her little man, Charlie, always makes me smile. She is another cool southern mom who is checking into alternative therapies as well. She is just learning to navigate this complicated system of being a special needs mom and I know I am going to enjoy watching all the gains Charlie keeps making.

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1 comment:

Nelba said...

Thank you Tiffiany. I feel honoured by this award!