Friday, March 12, 2010

The Exhaustion

I am so tired of fighting everything. It really gets old. I didn't realize that when you become a SNK mom you also have to turn into a prize fighter.

The whole school thing is really wearing on me. I talked to the lady at the state BOE yesterday. I am not too convinced that they will do the right thing. She was attempting to tell me that they didn't have to do certain things. That sent up huge red flags & set off alarm bells in my brain. It is CRAP! They are not above the federal law. I am just going to try to relax a bit & wait until I hear more from them. They were supposed to call today & so far, at 2:30PM no call. Again, not very convincing. I am mentally preparing myself to retain the attorney and go to due process. I am not sure mediation can help these yahoos. Ding-Ding Round 2

Insurance. What more is there to say? Can't live without it if you have medical issues, going broke paying for it. Now, my latest fight is with our dental insurance. Even worse, it is from almost a year ago that I am just finding out about this. Things they say they pay for they are denying. I was slightly embarrassed when we got to the dentist this morning & was told we had an outstanding balance. On the dentists behalf, they never sent me the bill. I would know if it did cause that is the only dental claim I made last year. WTH? (shame on me for not getting myself to the dentist) I am also still trying to get Ci.gna to pay for some stuff from my hospitalization too. Ding-Ding Round 3

Other things wearing me down:

My stupid job. Don't get me wrong, I love what I do. I am just sick of all the other BS. Just let me do my job & take care of the patients. Stop inundating me with all the extra junk you expect us to do. Also, don't tell me every little thing I do wrong & never tell me what I do right. I have taught MM to say Upper Managment Stinks. That makes me smile.

My rotten sinuses are requiring another surgery. Yep. Last one didn't take. This one is way more risky & kind of my last hope. Not too happy & haven't even scheduled it cause I don't want to deal right now. This also is not the ideal time of year for me since allergy season is about to kick in (hopefully, come on Spring).

MM needs to be sedated & intubated for a dental procedure. Her baby teeth aren't falling out & the permanent teeth are coming in like crazy. I believe he said 4 teeth will have to be pulled, possibly more. She will also get her xrays & teeth cleaned then too cause she wouldn't let them in her mouth AT ALL today. Well, she wouldn't let the yahoo hygienist clean her teeth. The girl was really a butt & it is a pediatric office! I just don't want to go into the way she acted, but I was actually glad my kid has a huge gag reflex & throws up at the drop of a dime. TWICE on her! LOL Serves her right for not listening & being inpatient with a child. Needing to go to the hospital for dental procedure = more insurance fights!

Like everyone else, all the doctor appointments come up at once. We have had 4 appointments this week alone. Bye-bye any extra cash we had!

Now, to end things on a good note:
I have started clipping coupons like mad. I have saved over $200 that last few weeks. There are some really cool websites out there to help you.

I have found a really nice community resource I wasn't aware of. It is an olympic sized indoor pool & the price for a membership is super, duper affordable! The guy was really nice & gave us a free pass to check it out tomorrow. Can't wait to take my little fishy.

I have time off in about 3 weeks!

Spring is on the way! We had a wonderful thunderstorm here today. The crocuses are blooming & the daffodils are starting to spring up.


The Henrys said...

You are just having one problem after another after another.

Sorry about the school, what a headache that is. I can't believe what you were told by the BOE. Maybe you should just get the lawyer to do this, at least it would safe you from having the stress. It sounds like it may take the lawyer to actually get through to them.

Enjoy your time tomorrow at the new center!

Ally in Wonderland said...

So, I haven't been commenting in awhile, but it doesn't mean I don't love you! Or that I'm not reading!! I check your blog from my blackberry everyday and commenting is tough from my beat-up lil 'Berry.

I really appreciate you sharing your fight with us. I kid you not, I have about 4 IEP meetings coming up soon and I have gone and rechecked ALL my paperwork for all my kids to make sure I'm "doing it right". Your MISfortune is my GOOD fortune. Plus, I'm moving to your area soon ;) Don't get too excited, I'm still across another state line, but I won't be as far! I'll e-mail you and let you know more.

Keep that smile up!

Autism and family said...

I'm sorry to hear that you're going through so much crap. It is exhausting. Sometimes, I just want to give up and go to bed!! Good luck with everything. I'll be thinking of you and sending to positive thoughts.

Brenda said...

Hugs for the yucky parts. And hurray for the fun parts! Have to take Jack in to the dentist, obviously, but he's never opened his mouth for them. Or gotten in the chair, for goodness sake. All too much.

Any yay for the pool! I'm dying to find a good one, that's q.u.i.e.t and affordable.

Colleen said...


The Henrys said...

Hi, I tagged you for an award over on my blog!

marry said...

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