Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year New ?????

Well, I posted in September about all that I was going to do with the blog, etc.

I obviously haven't done it. I haven't done much of anything really. Head in the sand, trying to get by, day to day living.

We are here. We have good days & bad days. We go through patches that are much rougher than others.

We've had quite a bit of illness lately. The delicious clarity after illness often carries me through the sickness. I loathe when she gets sick, but enjoy the time after. I wish they could figure out what causes it & bottle it. I know my child is special & amazing. When she is "here" it is icing on the cake. I wish you could really see the difference. Those who have experienced it understand. A glimpse of my girl without autism.

We go see the specialist this week. We are very concerned about her CP. I know CP doesn't get worse. However, she has grown six inches this last year. She keeps falling lately. I am hoping its an inner ear infection, off balance & its been bitterly cold outside thing, but I am afraid. She has always been one to want to walk everywhere until exhaustion. She is now relying more on her wheelchair when we are out. I worry that her cords are getting tighter. I am glad we have the appointment coming up sooner than later. I hate worrying needlessly. I always feel like I am sitting waiting for the proverbial shoe to drop.

IEP time is coming. IEP time is coming. AND surpise!!! they didn't do several things listed. I am so disillusioned with the school & the state. I filed that complaint & they rushed to put a bandaid on the six inch gas. State felt the bandaid was good enough. We are still bleeding all around it, but hey, they DID put a bandage on it! ARGH!!! Will let you know what happens there.

Hope you all have a happy new year & that if you make resolutions, you are able to keep them.

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