Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tooth Fairy

Well, she lost that loose tooth on Tuesday. I was working. DH handled it like a pro. It came out just before bedtime while they were brushing her teeth. He told her the toothfairy was already booked up for the night so I could participate.

She made a special envelope yesterday & we put the tooth in it.

I got to be the tooth fairy last night. I printed off a special letter & put her money in a box.

Yes, we did give her $10 cause for some reason that is what she kept saying she would get. It IS her first tooth! Next tooth will be less. What is the going rate for teeth these days?

I am proud & sad all in one. She's growing up too fast!


Colleen said...

Glad you got to be the tooth fairy! Their expressions are always so cute when the tooth fairy comes!

Colleen said...

oh and dont feel bad about giving so husband gave his twins $50 once, because he never gets to see them lose their teeth normally and it happened at our house finally...of course it was when they were older.

Rich said...

I think I may have gotten $5 for my first... But later was always $1 or $2... Some times in Quarters or 0.50 cent peaces.

When one of my judo students lost a tooth in class (not the hard way)... We all threw him for good luck. :-)

Nancy said...

How fun!! Caitlyn usually gets $5.00 tooth. And that is money that she can spend on anything at all that she wants and doesn't have to save it. The only reason we give that amount is because when she lost her first, she called my father and told him. In his infinite wisdom, he told her that good girls always get $5.00 when they lose teeth! How can I NOT give her the $5.00 now???

Ellen said...

Well, now I am sad, because Max's first tooth fell out a few months ago, and we didn't even think to do the tooth fairy thing.... Sometimes, we do that, neglect to do "typical" kid stuff because we think Max won't get it. We should have. Thank you for that reminder, I will be the tooth fairy for his next tooth.

$10 seems fine, to me!

Christine said...

We are $1 tooth people...but it is possible it is because I am so darn that can't be it.