Thursday, July 3, 2008

Enjoy (NOT!!!) this Treasure I Overheard

Was charting at the computer at work the other day. One of the residents was talking about how she had abrupted her placenta & when her daughter was born her apgar was 1 and her blood gas ph was 6.9 (that is really bad btw). She then perked up and was a apgar 9 at five minutes. She was saying how lucky she is & at 4 months the baby is meeting all of her milestones, etc. She then said "I am so thankful, I didn't want to have to become one of those mothers". WTF does that mean?

I just sat there, trying to finish my charting through my tears. It has been such a rough week I couldn't respond like I normally would.

Some people just don't get it, do they?

Edited to add that this resident has no idea about my life @ home. It is just interesting to hear how people really feel when you are a fly on the wall.


The Mutant Penguin Herself said...

People can be very cruel. What they don't understand is how much courage and love it takes to just BE you every day. What you give to your child, yourself, is such a precious gift. Please don't let an unfeeling jerk hurt you. Be proud of the wonderful way you accept and meet each challenge. I found your blog via Jack's Blog which I read faithfully. My 21 year old son used to ride "the short bus". He was a drug addicted baby who came to us at 3 and even now still has trouble. But you do all you can and do it with love... I know you do. Keep your chin up! You're a fabulous woman with an exceptional, wonderful, fabulous child!

Monica said...

They really don't. Maybe it's that they still have the innocence of not knowing what it is like on the other side of the fence.

Nancy said...

HUgs to you Tiffany. I'm not going to even try to defend her comment, but people often say things like this out of pure ignorance. They really don't realize that what they are saying is offensive. and I'm not saying that condones the behavior, but I certainly think that it helps to explain it. I think maybe you should approach her and let her know how hurtful comments like that can be to those who overhear them. Unless she is a completely unfeeling b!tch, she should be able to see the error of her ways. And who knows, you may end up educating just one more person on this planet.

You are a fantastic mom and Meghan is one of the luckiest little girls I know to have you as her mommy!

S said...

I happen to love being one of THOSE moms. I am a stronger, wiser, more loving, more patient and more understanding person because I am a mother to one of THOSE kids. I wish I would have been there because that is exactly what I would have told her. A wise woman once told me that God gives special children to extraordinarily special people. Way I see it, that chick...nothing unique or phenomenal about her. Just another resident with another child she won't spend enough time with because she is all wrapped up in being a doctor. Hmmm, wonder who will be a better adjusted child? Yours, who knows she is great because that is exactly how her mother taught her to be. OR hers, who doesn't remember what mommy looks like because she is always at the hospital?
You are awesome. Eff that lady and her ridiculously shallow out look.

Jacqui said...

I think her kid is also lucky she doesn't have to become one of those mums. What a b*tch.

Love your blog.