Friday, January 11, 2008


That is how I would describe things for us (especially me) lately. Life is just going on around us and I am stuck somewhere in it.

We had a good Christmas. MM was overwhelmed with all the presents she got (we only buy her three, she got tons from everyone else). I had to work Christmas day, but we had a nice little thing Christmas eve. What happened was almost unbelievable. We were at my mom’s eating & then DH went to put the presents out. We told her Santa would come early. He sure did! When we pulled up to the house, Santa (the mail man dressed up) was actually delivering packages with presents! Someone asked her if Santa brought her presents on his sleigh and she replied “No, he drives a mail truck”! LOL…

The bittersweet I am talking about are things like…
THE SWEET- My sister came to visit with her little boy. He is almost two years younger than MM. I was amazed by his skills. He is so funny & cute. I had a blast just watching him & wished we lived closer so I could hang out with him more. My sister was great too. I really miss her & we had a good time just really doing nothing but hanging out.
THE BITTER- MM didn’t want anything to do with him. She was very upset nearly the whole visit. She spent many of the days flapping & withdrawn. It also is such an eye opener to see how far behind she really is. My nephew is passing her easily & she is kind of stuck around 24 months.

THE SWEET- I saw a friend who I haven’t seen in quite some time. Her daughter was born a week after MM. It was great to see her & I loved to hear her stories about her little girl. She climbs trees, she rides a bike without training wheels, she is getting ready for kindergarten.
THE BITTER- Another reminder how far behind MM is. She rides a bike- just an AM-Tryke with lots of help. She is slowly getting there. She can’t climb a tree & the kindergarten part I will address.

THE SWEET- One of my best friends is pregnant! I am so excited! She got pregnant right out of the gate, first try. They just got married in November! What a lucky girl & how lucky I am that she is my friend. She is truly amazing!
THE BITTER- I will never be pg again. We just can’t. Too many risks for me & for the baby. I also had another birthday & I’m not getting any younger. It is so easy for some people & so hard for others.

THE SWEET- IEPs for all the kiddos in MM’s class are coming up. I have heard them talking to the parents when we pick the kids up. Almost all of the them are preparing for the transition to a typical kindergarten class.
THE BITTER- MM’s annual IEP is coming up. We are not preparing for typical kindergarten. She will continue on in a CDC class with some inclusion in the typical kindergarten. All of her classmates (except for one) will be leaving her behind. She is probably the brightest child in class academically, she just has poor motor skills & very poor social skills. We got her report card & she has made very little gains in the last year. She is still stuck where she was a year ago. ***sigh*** I can feel a very long meeting coming on.

I want to add more, but she is standing her having a meltdown about her DAFOs & has a poopy pull-up. I know I have been MIA here, but I have been trying to keep up with all of the blogs I love. Sounds to me like everyone else has a lot of introspection going on as well! Take care & hope to be back soon.

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Trish ~CnJ's Mommy~ said...

{{hugs}} to you! I know what you mean about not meeting the people you have, if not for your SN child. I live that one!! *wink*

Alot of things are bittersweet, and I wish I could say it would get better...but, well you know.

{{hugs}} i've been MIA too, some things are to hard to even blog about.