Wednesday, October 17, 2007

IEP Update

Well, it most certainly went better than I thought it would. The OT was actually much nicer in person. She had a lot of good suggestions. She also did some research in talking to MM's past OTs and ***GASP*** she actually went back & read MM's file! Imagine that- did some digging about a person you are caring for! They had already ordered her some more adaptive things like an elevated surface with a clip at the top to hold her work as well as some writing implements. They are also going to do the Wilbarger brushing again with her at school to see if it helps. They are also going to get an AT (adaptive technology) eval for her- FINALLY!!! She will get her keyboard & other things so she can "write". They think that her "disabilities" are getting in the way of her "super abilities". They are going to concentrate more on tapping into her "super abilities" and see how far she gets. For example, she is going to start the kindergarten reading & math curriculum. When I posed the question about what are they doing to help advance her education, the principal agreed. She wanted to know why that wasn't already being done. They feel she is bored since she is reading & they are talking about "this is the letter S- see S- S goes sssssssssssssssssssss". When the rest of the class is working on that, they are going to take her to a different area in the room & work on more advanced things. They will continue to work on fine motor grasp & such, but are going to teach her the keyboard for work like spelling words. She still does not make lines consistently, let alone trace letters or anything like that. They are also going to work on more self feeding with utensils, if they can get her to eat. She has really become a nitpick again with food.

They all agreed that she has some massive splinter skills & is at 19-21 months in some areas & in the 5-6 years range for others. They also said she is such a puzzle to figure out. She doesn't have a large number of problems that some kids with ASD or CP has; what problems she does have are severely hindering her progress. I like what they said about focusing less on her "disabilities" and tap into her "super abilities".

I also talked to the principal about the bus situation. It did not show AGAIN today until 7:20, when she should be at school. This is the 5th time this year. She had no idea the bus wasn't showing up. She agreed it wasn't appropriate and filed a formal complaint. She said if the regular ed buses show up on time, why can't the sped one? I agreed & so hopefully that will be another issue solved.

Now, we only have to get through the physiatrist appointment tomorrow & then we can think about vacation! (which we are attempting to venture away from home starting Saturday)

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